Gentle Gear


Gentle Gear is a small business selling cycling themed clothing and merchandise. Profits from Gentle Gear sales are used to help put kids in the Columbia, Missouri area on bikes. Check back soon for our official website launch!

In the meantime, like Gentle Gear on Facebook, give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram, and get out for a ride!


The Mission of Gentle Gear:

Gentle Gear was founded with a simple purpose: to get more young people on bikes. Cycling is the fastest, cheapest, most healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around. Unfortunately, the initial cost of a quality bicycle deters many young people from buying one, and many opt for cheaply manufactured bikes that are – in a word – disposable.

For that reason, Gentle Gear proudly donates a portion of its sales to Columbia, Missouri area youth to help them buy bicycles and the appropriate safety gear. In our establishment year, we have already been able to provide twenty individuals with fun, healthy, and environmentally responsible transportation that will last them many years to come.


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